Native American

Native American

Social barriers and huge distances across Tribal lands contribute to the transportation problems many Native Americans encounter.

What are common transportation problems for Native Americans?

Long ago, Tribal members developed trails and waterways as means of connecting themselves to other people and lands, but now resources and funding for modern transportation is limited.
Native Americans have transportation needs similar to the needs of people living in rural areas, except to a greater extent.

Without consistent means of travel, Tribal members cannot participate actively in their communities, hold down steady jobs, nor access medical care. Daily issues center around poorly maintained, isolated dirt roads and a lack of sidewalks and curbs.

Native American Grant Programs

This Tribal Transit program provides funding to eligible Native American Tribes through funds appropriated for the Section 5311 program.

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Indian Community Development Block Grant Program
To provide assistance to Indian Tribes and Alaska Native villages in the development of viable Indian communities.

Indian Tribes and Alaska Native villages may use block grants to improve the housing stock, provide community facilities, make infrastructure improvements, and expand job opportunities by supporting the economic development of their communities.

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Tribal Energy Program Grant
This program promotes tribal energy sufficiency, economic growth and employment on tribal lands through the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

The program provides financial assistance, technical assistance, education and training to tribes for the evaluation and development of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency measures.

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